Learning Online with Ukhanyiso Ebantwini (Pty) Ltd

There are several articles on the internet to assist first time online  learners; what to do and what not to do.  But with our courses, it’s important to remember that we are here to assist you if and when you need it.

Remember that you learn online every time you do a search on Google!  Our courses are mostly asynchronous – in other words, you do most of the learning in your time.  We use:

Online presentations
Online text
PDF manual
Online assessments (formative and summative.)
Quizzes and texts.

The exact format will depend on the course’s format and subject matter.T here are webinars that have been designed to assist you with the course content and you are always welcome to contact us if you need assistance with a new concept or with using technology.

What will I need?

To access the online training available at Ukhanyiso Ebantwini (Pty) Ltd you will need access to a laptop, tablet or computer and data.
Every course has the coursework available in PDF for you to download and to keep for future reference.
Time, patience and commitment!

Steps to take:

Choose the course you want to take.
Register for the course online.
As soon as you have paid for it you complete the registration form, the MOU with your school (where necessary) and the Code of Conduct.
Download the PDF of the course materials (Available for each module.)
Read all the notes online that tell you about the course, the curriculum, assessment and the length of time you have to complete it.
Click on the course and start working through each chapter.
You need to complete all the quizzes. The pass percentage for the quizzes is 80%. You have two chances of getting it!

If you are unsure of what to do or you are experiencing difficulty with the website, please contact us at info@educationaltraining.co.za.  We generally respond within 24 hours and resolve the issue there and then.